Fyffes, one of the leading importers and distributors of tropical produce, has installed Castell’s Salvo™ drive-away prevention system at its UK distribution centres.


Salvo™ is now protecting loading and unloading operations at the company’s Livingston, Wakefield, Coventry and Basingstoke sites – a total of 31 loading bays.

“The Salvo™ system is simple, robust and secure, and gives us confidence in the safety and security of our loading and unloading operations,” said George Kennedy, Fyffes’ General Manager (UK Depot Operations).

Drivers report to the transport office and are allocated a loading bay. After reversing their vehicle onto the bay, they return to the transport office where they leave their ignition key and collect the Salvo™ Susie for that loading bay. They then install the Susie on the emergency airline coupling, which releases a trapped key. This key is inserted and turned in the Salvo™ Control Panel on the outside of the bay. An amber beacon illuminates on the inside to indicate that the loading bay is now safe and ready to use. The loader opens the door, trapping the key in the SCP outside. While the door remains raised and the key trapped in the control panel, the trailer cannot be moved.

The Health & Safety Executive booklet ‘Warehousing and storage: A guide to health and safety’ recommends interlocks as a safe system of work to combat drive-aways. Salvo™ also features as an example of a safe system of work in the Freight Transport Association’s ‘Loading dock safety guide’, produced in conjunction with the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health.

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