• All new low alcohol premium cider hits the shelves in August
  • Innovative addition to the recently rebranded Friels Cider range
  • Designed to satisfy growing demand for low alcohol options especially among 18 – 35 year olds

Friels Cider is launching a new low alcohol premium cider to meet the growing demand from consumers for healthier products.

Starting on 31 August, the low alcohol version of the award-winning vintage English cider will be available in Tesco stores nationwide, building on an existing partnership that has seen the strong growth of the Friels Cider brand through Tesco outlets in recent years. 

Increasing demand for low/no alcohol choice

According to recent research, 27%* of 18 – 35 year olds say they are actively cutting down on alcohol consumption and 56% of the same age range are now consuming more low or no alcohol products. Friels low alcohol premium cider will target this younger demographic seeking out no or low alcohol options when making purchasing decisions.

The Friels Cider range was freshly rebranded in 2020 offering a standout, vibrant, independent, and unique take for the sector.  The newly created version of Friels Cider adds further choice into the low or no alcohol sector that continues to demonstrate strong growth volumes, whilst, at the same time, complementing the 7.4% vol, 5.5% vol and cocktail inspired options of the rest of Friels’ comprehensive and contemporary premium cider range.

Alison Reilly, brand manager for Friels Cider at Aston Manor Cider, says: “It is clear that consumers – especially those in a younger age range – are looking for more choice when it comes to low or no alcohol products and we believe our low alcohol option offers a welcome addition to the market. Tesco has always been very supportive of the Friels Cider brand, so this partnership is the next step in our relationship.”

The launch of low alcohol premium Friels Cider will also be supported by an integrated consumer communications campaign to further drive brand awareness and to encourage people to trial the product.

Friels Cider Low Alcohol will be available in Tesco stores nationwide and via www.theciderstore.net

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