Retailers are being encouraged to capitalise on rising sales of electronic cigarettes with a new point of sale merchandising kit from Freshcig, one of the UK’s leading brands.

Freshcig has developed the new POS kit for the retail sector to help retailers build e-cigarette sales ahead of changes to legislation governing the merchandising of traditional cigarettes.

Sales of electronic cigarettes have increased dramatically over the past four years and are expected to be used by over one million people in 2013*. They offer strong margin opportunities to retailers and regular repeat purchases.

The new Freshcig merchandising pack enables retailers to unfold a lid to reveal the products and is perfectly sized for display on shelf or counter tops.

Whilst smoke from conventional cigarettes contains harmful carcinogens, Freshcig electronic cigarettes simply vapourise a clean nicotine solution – giving users a similar sensation to smoking, without carcinogens, tar or carbon monoxide.

The retail pack consists of nine Freshcig ecopack electronic cigarette starter kits and nine Freshcig disposable electronic cigarettes.

A QR code on the back of the packaging allows retailers to replenish stock by simply scanning it with a smartphone and placing an order on the Freshcig website.

*Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association UK


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