Imagine a world without packaging; the manufacture, transport, distribution and consumption of virtually every consumer product would be impossible. Quality packaging can significantly reduce waste across the entire supply chain by giving food a longer shelf life and ensures food can be transported around the world safely and securely.


Alan Davey, Director of Innovation at LINPAC Packaging believes it would not be wrong to say that if packaging were to be invented today it would be regarded as one of the greatest green technologies developed. As a genuine technical innovation packaging ticks all the boxes. Plastic packaging is sustainable, reusable and recyclable and its primary function is to preserve, protect and present food at its best, minimising waste.

“At LINPAC Packaging we believe we need to work smarter than ever before to develop packaging which is lighter, more sustainable and more recyclable yet which is still fit for purpose in terms of protecting, preserving and presenting food to the highest standard, says Alan.

The chilled foods sector lends itself well to creativity and innovation in pack design and whilst the primary function of packaging is to protect and preserve food, high visual shelf impact and consumer engagement through creative design is important to retailers and food manufacturers who want to capture the attention of consumers and entice them to buy.

Ultimately, every link in the supply chain is demanding more efficient packaging, both in terms of weight and environmental impact. The challenge for packaging manufacturers is to develop products which have a low carbon footprint at every stage of their lifecycle whilst at the same time offering improved protective qualities, increased shelf life and enhanced presentation.

Plastic packaging has taken such a large share of the packaging market precisely because it is the most cost effective solution to deliver performance. Cost effective means resource efficient and to be resource efficient means to be environmentally efficient too.

And it’s not just LINPAC which is doing this – you only have to look at the website for the British Plastics Federation to see the commitment of all of its members to deliver the most sustainable packaging material in the shopping basket.

Simply put – plastic is fantastic.

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