The BT Lifter Silent hand pallet truck and BT Levio Silent powered pallet truck have been awarded with the Quiet Mark from the Noise Abatement Society.

The Quiet Mark is an international mark of approval awarded by the UK based Noise Abatement Society in an aim to encourage worldwide companies to develop products with reduced noise.

Gloria Elliott, Chief Executive, Noise Abatement Society and Quiet Mark comments: “Loud, unexpected noise or low, continual sound vibrations trigger strong physical and emotional responses. Without the ability to control the noise around them, people become upset, stressed and negative.”

The new BT Lifter Silent hand pallet truck with an operating noise of no more than 60dBA was awarded the Quiet Mark for reducing operating sound by up to 20dBA in comparison to a standard hand pallet truck.

Fitted with high quality rubber steering, Powerthane bogie wheels, frames fitted with shock absorbing material to reduce vibration noise and adjustable rubber studs, the BT Lifter Silent operates at the volume of a normal conversation; a significantly lower level of noise for reduced indoor noise, in applications such as warehouses, shopping centres and public spaces as well as out of hour deliveries or deliveries in built up residential areas.

The BT Levio Silent powered pallet truck has also been fitted with shock absorbing material to reduce vibration noise and Powerthane wheels decrease travel noise. Fitted with a unique lifting system the BT Levio Silent has been designed to operate at volumes dramatically reduced from the standard alternative.

Mark Peters, Warehouse Product Manager at Toyota Material Handling UK commented: “The BT Lifter Silent is an impressive piece of material handling equipment, designed specifically to solve the problems of noisy out of hour deliveries or for deliveries that take place in built up or residential areas. Working closely with the Freight Transport Association, Noise Abatement Society and Transport for London we have been able to demonstrate the BT Lifter Silent and it’s capabilities for silent deliveries.”

The Quiet Mark campaign was set up by the Noise Abatement Society in response to calls received by a national noise helpline. The Quiet Mark is awarded to appliances and tools that operate at the quietest level in relation to competitors.

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