ffe0409croatwarehouseOver 40 Fireray reflective beam smoke detectors have recently been installed in warehouses around Croatia by local installer Produktronika d.o.o. Wide open indoor spaces like warehouses are particularly suited to the smoke detection capabilities of beam detectors, which cover huge areas with few units.

12 Fireray 50R and 100R detectors have been installed throughout two Elgrad (furniture and carpentry) warehouses in Zagreb, 17 F100R units are protecting an Orbico (healthcare and hygiene products) distribution centre in Inanic Grad, and 12 Fireray 100Rs are ready to detect unwanted smoke at a Lacuna (personal protection equipment) site in Sveti Kriz Zacretje. The Fireray detectors now form part of the fire safety systems fitted for these premises by Produktronika, along with Hochiki point detectors and Kentec control panels.

The Fireray 50R and 100R products use a single combined transmitter and receiver unit, with small reflective prism plates placed on an opposing wall, to detect smoke over an area of up to 1500m2. Smoke entering the beam path causes a loss in signal strength received, and once this falls below a specified threshold the alarm will be sounded. The shape and layout of warehouse-like structures means that the Firerays can be at their most useful, with the spacious interiors perfect for beam detection.

Each beam covers 7.5m either side of the direct path between the detector head and the prism, which means a total area coverage of 1500m2 for one single F100R. Up to 15 ‘point’ detectors would be needed to safely protect an area that size, each bringing with it the additional cost of product, installation and cabling. If the beam is accidentally interrupted by a solid object, a ‘fault’ alert will be generated so that fire protection is not undermined.

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