Fresh fish is delicious but often perceived by consumers as difficult to handle and prepare. Now, shoppers at Morrisons 500 fish counters have a new option, making it easy to store, cook and clean up after fresh fish, with new taste ideas too. FFP Packaging Solutions are supplying new Esterpeel Cook direct-to-oven heat-sealable bags for Morrisons fishmongers to add whole fish or fish portions along with a knob of flavoured butter, sealing in-store to create a neat cooking pack that also locks any fishy odours inside.

Once home, the Esterpeel Cook pack is placed directly into the oven, with no need to touch or handle the raw fish. In the oven, the butter suffuses the fish with delicious flavours, while the polyester pack provides a self-contained cooking cell that keeps the fish moist and mouth-watering.

The bags are manufactured from heatseal polyester, printed with a two-colour design that carries the Morrisons branding along with cooking instructions. FFP supply the bags pre-made and ready to use; the Morrisons fishmonger simply places the fish into the bag along with the knob of butter and seals it in-store using their existing sealing unit.

As Steve Jackson, Technical Manager for Packaging at Morrisons, put it, ‘We have been partnering with FFP on this project for some time now and we are delighted with the result. We pride ourselves on having more skilled fishmongers than our rivals, and innovations such as this will mean that even more of our customers can enjoy this delicious and healthy food.’

FFP are experts in high-temperature, oven cook film packaging, supplied under the Esterpeel Cook brand name. FFP’s market-leading Esterpeel lidding films have been proven over decades of use, and their oven bag technology is used by leading food processors, supplied either reel-fed and ready to run on high speed lines or pre-made and ready to hand-fill. They currently supply to a number of the major fish processing companies who, like Morrisons, appreciate their customers’ preference to buy and cook fish without needing to touch or otherwise handle the raw protein.

FFP Packaging Solutions

Gary Tee, Sales Director

Tel: 01604 798600

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