federal-mogul-3-004Stonhard UK are close to completing a prestigious contract for the refurbishment of heavy duty flooring at Federal Mogul’s piston pin factory in Bradford.

The Federal Mogul factory is over 70 years old and the painted floors proved a real negative when trying to raise the housekeeping standards of the site. The management set an objective to improve the image of the site, presenting customers with a cleaner and more professional production facility.

The old industrial flooring was identified as a real negative. The floor was worn and unsightly with large cracks evident in places.

Stonhard were identified as a potential supplier in the UK after completing flooring work in one of the groups’ German factories.

The work was planned in five phases over several months. This allowed planners to take advantage of shutdowns and weekends therefore minimising disruption to the manufacturing process.

After preparation by recoverable shotblast, all cracks and construction joints were treated with Stonproof CT5, a fibreglass reinforced crack treatment bandage.

Stonclad GS epoxy mortar was then overlaid at 6mm thick utilising a powertrowel to provide a faster installation resulting in a flatter and more compacted floor.   A further sealer coat was applied incorporating a textured anti-slip finish.

Peter Singh, Factory Manager in Bradford stated, ‘Stonhards’ ability to single source supply was a big plus as we do not have the resources to manage various suppliers. With one Company managing the project we reduced complexity and saved time. Stonhard provided a complete turnkey solution in upgrading our floors and have succeeded in lightening up the facility. The housekeeping impact is great. The flooring teams worked particularly well with no requirement for us to manage them.’

Stonhards’ complete service covers R&D, manufacturing, installation, project management and after sales. This allows them the distinct advantage of a single source warranty on both the product and standard of workmanship.

Floors are designed with sustainability in mind, tough surfaces designed to withstand corrosive chemicals and years of punishing abrasion.

Seamless floors eliminate hiding places for dirt and bacteria and reduce the possibility of slips and falls. Slip resistant flooring is available in a variety of textures that remain safe even when wet and oily. Floors are available in a variety of colours and patterns suitable for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial applications. A customised client solution delivered by a dedicated national team.

The UK Stonhard team can be contacted on 01256 336600 www.stonhard.co.uk.

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