guarana-canThe UK drinks market is to get a boost with the launch by Fayrefield Foods Ltd of Brazil’s favourite soft drink, the legendary Guaraná Antarctica.

Guaraná Antarctica has been made in Brazil since 1921 from the fruit of the guaraná plant, and is famed by the Brazilians for its energy boosting properties and unique taste. The brand, now part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, is produced in Brazil, Portugal and Japan.

It is a refreshing carbonated drink with a unique fruity flavour and is the second biggest selling soft drink in Brazil, and stands among the top 15 selling brands in the world. Already available in Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Honduras and parts of the USA, the drink is set to burst onto the UK market next month.

Guaraná Antarctica is also the official sponsor of the Brazilian National Football team.

“Most UK consumers will have never tasted anything like it,” says Fayrefield Foods Business Manager Michael Coleman. “The distinctive thirst quenching flavour is quite unlike any other soft drink.”

“They will love the bright and bold packaging which has great shelf appeal and evokes the fun loving and frisky Brazilian spirit, epitomized by their association with the globally acclaimed Brazilian soccer team.”

Fayrefield Foods are the sole distributors of the drink in the UK and will be launching it at the Food and Drink Expo at the NEC in Birmingham (stand number V238) on March 21-24.

Guaraná Antarctica is available as 330ml cans and 500ml and 1.5 litre bottles.

Contact Michael Coleman on Tel: (01270) 589311


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