Latest exciting packaging development is awarded the ‘Snack d’Or’ trophy at the recent Sandwich & Snack Show in Paris.


Faerch Plast, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic containers for the food industry, has introduced a new pizza box concept. The base of the innovative pack is produced from CPET for use in ovens (max 220°C) or microwaves whilst the lid is made from clear APET.

Faerch Plast’s new pizza box packaging solution, which was awarded the Snack d’Or trophy at the recent Sandwich & Snack Show in Paris, offers many advantages to both producers and consumers.  The uncooked pizza can be prepared and packed into the 100% recyclable pizza box for cooking later.

Cooked pizzas can also be taken from the oven in the supermarket or takeaway outlet, and packed into the pizza box for safe transit and consumer reheating, without the lid.

CPET makes cooking and reheating possible because it has a partially crystalline structure which retains its shape at high temperatures.

The pizza box offers new opportunities for pizzerias. They will now be able to offer both cooked and ready to cook pizzas for home delivery or takeaway leaving the consumer to decide when to reheat or cook their pizza.

In addition, pizzas freshly prepared in-store are becoming increasingly popular across Europe, with sales of between 200 and 2000 pizzas per store per week.

Produced from CPET containing rPET (recycled PET bottles), the base has the advantage of being able to go in to a traditional oven (up to 220°C) and microwave, as well as the freezer (to -40°C). As the base is designed to promote an even cook, pizzas will retain taste and flavour.

Since its inception in 1969, Faerch Plast has become a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging for direct food contact. The company is a supplier to the leading stakeholders in the European food industry who specialise in ready meals, fresh meat, cold food and snacks. It offers a wide range of containers and trays made in PS, CPET, APET, PP, MAPET® and AMPET®.

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