classic-csm-battery.jpgOver the past year, Chloride Motive Power have been demonstrating the benefits of their ECSM battery technology. The copper stretch metal battery is unique as it incorporates a negative copper expanded metal grid design, allowing improved performance over its counterparts.

The battery has been specifically designed for use during heavy duty warehouse operations involving high current applications, including high bay reach trucks, man up VNA’s and bigger counter balance.

The biggest benefit brought by the technology is the significant energy gain compared with standard batteries. Tests have shown that the ECSM batteries provide an impressive 10% overall improvement in performance. This includes 5% gain whilst driving, a 6.5% energy increase during acceleration and 8% improvement in power during lifting operations.

The copper stretch metal batteries have the same dimensions and weight as standard batteries however they have a substantially longer operating life, which allows improved performance and productivity.  This is fundamental during long running time requirements such as extended shift operations.

The ECSM batteries are unlike standard materials handling alternatives as they operate at high voltage with lower internal resistance and temperature. This provides increased power for situations where more energy is needed, allowing batteries to be run more efficiently and economically.

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