Clipper have launched a brand new range of papers and filter tips to revolutionise the market! Brought to the market by the brand leader in refillable lighters, Clipper introduce something radical, something unique, and most importantly something that none of our current competition have even thought of… Be Unique. Be the Trend.
Clipper have produced five different types of papers, created to satisfy all types of smoker. Each one is produced to the high standard you would expect from Clipper, and designed to ensure the comfort and convenience of all rolling tobacco lovers. Now here’s where it gets interesting!

Design collections: Clipper have commissioned five unique artists to produce limited edition designs and prints, created for a distinctive and contemporary packaging strategy in line with the views and philosophies of the target audience.

Rolling tobacco is particularly popular with young smokers mainly due to the price of packaged cigarettes, therefore they have targeted 18-25 year olds, who already perceive Clipper as a ‘lifestyle’ brand; fun, trendy, modern, original. A brand that is constantly evolving. This is the biggest group attracted to “the new thing” relating to trends and fashion.

Designs have been created by renowned graphic artists, each with a story behind how the concept is achieved, bringing life to the collections and creating conversation about the product.

The new range includes… • Green cut corner (regular burn)

• Red (regular burn)

• Blue (thin)

• Silver (ultra thin)

• Silver King Size (ultra thin)

• Pure Brown King Size (unbleached)

• Pure Brown (unbleached)

Here Clipper have been able to build an image and personality that the audience can make an emotional connection with. The consumer will choose the design they feel represents their personality – they will identify with it and share it with friends, making it more than just a pack.
Clipper’s quality as expected, is equal to and exceeding top brands in line with Clippers quality reputation, and with its distinctive and contemporary packaging, you can’t help but notice Clipper stands out from the crowd.

The new papers range is also partnered with a brand new range of filter tips in line with the market standard, with fresh and modern packaging. This is the perfect accompaniment to the modern / trendy vibe of the rolling papers. Available in various presentations the range includes…

• Extra Slim Pop-up box 120 Loose box 165 Bag 450

• Extra Slim Menthol Pop-up box 120 Bag 275

• Slim Loose box 165 Bag 450

• Slim Loose box 165 Bag 450

• Paper Tips Booklet of 33

In addition Clipper have also included a tobacco rolling machine to complete the range.

POS material: Clipper have a three tier display with 1 tier of filters and 2 tiers of papers. And available from October we have developed 2 new display stands – both mixed with papers and lighters. The first is a yellow 3 tier carousel display with papers in the top, and two levels of matching design lighters below, as well as a two tier display with 60 lighters plus a matching paper design attached free of charge!.

Lighter labels: Clipper have gone straight to the source and made major changes to the labels on the lighters to reach the consumer direct. The label includes all the safety information, barcodes and warnings, but also includes images of the new RYO range and the website address to drive consumers to the site and find out more about the unique designs and how they are created. This is all part of Clipper’s launch campaign – to create demand from the bottom up!

Clipper are very excited to introduce our new range, and they feel they have come up with a very unique concept that will energise the RYO market, and boost sales for both the wholesaler and retailer.


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