aetna-ecoplatA holistic approach to sustainable packaging was taken by Aetna UK during the recent PPMA Show 2009 where it exhibited its new range of Ecoplat pallet stretch wrapping machines with 100% recyclable paper pallets from The Paper Pallet Company.

Aetna’s three new models: the Ecoplat Base, Ecoplat FRD and Ecoplat PPS feature a 1,650mm turntable and wrap up to 2,000kg, and all have a three year warranty.

All Aetna’s pallet wrappers are made from eco-friendly components where practical and are designed to use the minimum amount of energy and materials through increased control of the wrapping cycle.

And with the introduction of the three Ecoplat models, the company now has the largest range of machines to suit all applications across all market sectors, it says

And by working with the Paper Pallet Company, Aetna UK is ensuring its customers are offered an all-round environmental service. “Our link with The Paper Pallet Company underlines our pledge to help our customers meet their environmental commitments,” explained Colin Barker, General Manager, Aetna UK.

The lightweight paper pallets (4kg) answer recent concerns about infestation of wood boring insects in wood pallets, which are a major threat to both agriculture and the environment, explained Graham Hayes, Managing Director, The Paper Pallet Company. They do not need infestation treatment or certification for export as they are fully compliant with the relatively new international regulation ISPM – the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures introduced to control the spread of forest pests and timber diseases.

Food and pharma safe, the lightweight paper pallets are fully recyclable, have excellent moisture resistance and beam strength, compression strength of 10 metric tonnes, and come in a full range of Euro and American sizes with both two and four way entry.

Aetna’s Ecoplat Base is an ‘entry level’ machine for companies looking to upgrade their basic palletising operations from manual to a semi-automatic environment, while the Ecoplat PPS features power pre-stretch capability.

“The Ecoplat range will allow companies who have not previously considered semi or fully automatic pallet wrapping to do so without having to make a big investment,” says Aetna Group UK’s national sales manager Paddy McCartney. “It will also enable them to see the cost benefits in film savings and labour as well as some of the health and safety advantages compared with manual wrapping.”

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