Post & Mom Cereals

Empire Bespoke Foods recently become the official importer and European distributor for Malt-O-Meal (MOM) cereals from America. The MOM range includes two of the USA’s family favourite’s, Marshmallow Mateys (standard and chocolate) and Smore’s. This exclusive deal with MOM is in addition to an existing exclusive relationship between Empire Bespoke Foods and Post Consumer Brands, whose product offering includes other iconic breakfast treats, such as Cocoa Pebbles and Alpha Bits. Most of these products are sold in 340g boxes to be aligned with the category standards and offer family sized value. In addition, the Cocoa Pebbles are available as an 89g cup in order to satisfy the “on-the-go breakfast” trend. Shoppers are always looking for new products, new experiences, new flavours…that is why innovation/new products are key within the breakfast category. In addition, busier lives have led to increased out-of-home breakfasting, so the Post Pebble cereal cups provide a perfect “onthe- go” solution for this important consumer segment.

Moreover, American products continue to take the UK market by storm because our consumers are looking for a point of differentiation, and shoppers are looking for variety and different taste experiences. Anything that is that little bit different has appeal. People want to find in the UK the products they see in movies or social media posts from celebrities. These products are a perfect taste of America without the expensive flights!

Penotti Spreads

Tapping into the trend for chocolate spreads and biscuit spreads, Empire Bespoke Foods offer two of Penotti’s most indulgent spreads to fulfil the shoppers’ need for an occasional treat at breakfast-time. The Duo Penotti range includes three duo spreads: Vanilla and Hazelnut, Caramel and Hazelnut and Cookies and milk. These 350g jars are aligned with category standard sizes and are made from sustainably sourced ingredients (Hazelnut, Cocoa & Milk). Cookie Notti is a range of real Belgian caramelised biscuit spreads available in two flavours: Original & Crunchy in standard 350g jars.

Despite an overall consumer trend for healthier products, shoppers will always be looking for everyday treat options and offering a range of indulgent spreads is one way to meet this need. Penotti, with its unique coffee flavours and NEW cookies and milk flavour bring excitement to the category – there is nothing else on the market like it! It’s great taste and innovative flavour combinations is why it’s the number two brand within The Netherlands.


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