‘No added sugar’ is a major proposition for Emmi Caffè Latte, as Laura Grove, Emmi UK Head of Marketing, explains to The Grocery Trader.
Laura, what developments have we seen in premium coffee in Emmi’s part of the market?

Total Flavoured Milks are worth around £300m (Source: IRI 52we 14th Aug 2016). The success of Flavoured Milks is being driven by Iced Coffee, Breakfast Drinks, Protein and Dairy Alternatives. The fastest growing segment is Breakfast with 63.5% value growth. Iced Coffee is the second fastest growing segment, seeing 19.1% value growth.

How are consumers’ tastes changing?

Flavoured Milks are still dominated by the core flavours such as Strawberry and Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee are seeing strong growth whilst Banana is in decline. Here at Emmi we are very aware of consumers’ concerns regarding sugar in drinks. We are proud to offer a range which provides consumers with a choice. Strong Macchiato, which launched earlier this year, is the only Iced Coffee product in the market with no added sugar. It is perfect for iced-coffee lovers that enjoy a premium coffee taste with no added sugar. Our popular Skinny product has only 90 calories, a great option for those following a calorie controlled diet.

Can you tell us a bit about Emmi’s expertise in this area and why they are the category experts?

Emmi is the leading Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. Emmi has a presence in 13 countries, exporting products from Switzerland to around 60 countries. Its European business division includes the markets: Benelux, Germany, the UK, Italy and Austria. Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE is the no. 1 iced coffee in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Spain.

What are Emmi’s best selling products?

Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE’s core 230ml range includes its no-added sugar Strong Macchiato, Cappuccino, Skinny and Vanilla, with a recommended Retail Selling Price of £1.35. Other drinks include a larger 370ml cup, Mr Big which is unique to Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE and available in Cappuccino.

How are they promoting their products?

We launched a £3m summer-long marketing campaign full of Iced Coffee brand firsts with our #MakeItAYayDay hashtag, encouraging consumers to share their ‘Yay Day’ moments online. This included harnessing Spotify and Snapchat and working with key social media influencers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to grow our digital fan base. We have complimented this with a really experiential presence at key UK festivals with the Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE ‘Yay’ yurt, as well as sampling and advertising at shopping and commuter locations across the UK.

And what about in store?

Our products attract impulse shoppers so to maximise sales we need to be front of store. Our Summer and Winter Limited Edition packaging ensures a fresh look on shelf throughout the year.


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