The new innovative Saf-T-Log thermometer from ETI Ltd is a simple to use HACCP Recording Thermometer that measures, stores, downloads and enables the printing of temperature reports.  No more paper logs or complicated hand held computers to train staff how to use! The Saf-T-Log is as easy to use as everyday thermometers but incorporates a lot more intelligence.


The Saf-T-Log includes Windows® software to create your list of up to 100 items that you routinely measure along with up to 25 users. Each item can include both a high and low temperature limits that gives the user instant on-screen PASS or FAIL feedback and gets printed on the report. Once your checklist is created, it can be saved, emailed to other users and uploaded onto any Saf-T-Log.

To record readings, simply scroll to the correct item and press record. Once readings are taken they can be uploaded to a PC automatically when reconnected. The data is archived and a report is generated automatically with no additional user input. The Saf-T-Log report is locked so data that is logged cannot be tampered with.

The Saf-T-Log is battery powered, making it ideal to be used anywhere, and is housed in a durable IP66/67 water resistant housing. The unit measures temperature over the range of -100 to 1372°C depending on the probe selected, with accuracy of ±0.4 °C, making it ideal for the food service and food processing industries.

Additionally, the thermometer features a useful calibration trim function and incorporates a USB port which allows the user to connect to a PC. Data is then transferred and a report automatically generated.

The Saf-T-Log represents total innovation from ETI. No other temperature recording handheld system records data this intuitively at anywhere near the price! £120.00 plus VAT.

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