Out of stock situations lose sales, dissatisfy shoppers and jeopardise marketing campaigns. If a product is perceived as out of stock many shoppers will go elsewhere or not buy anything at all! RTC’s range of shelf management solutions combat out of stock situations by bringing products to the front of the shelf so that they are always in the shopper’s reach.


EcoTrac® is a spring or gravity fed shelf management system which promotes sales and reduces labour costs. The simple action of front facing products improves product visibility and brand impact to the shopper. As products are consistently pushed to the front of the shelf, the shelf looks permanently full and makes sure products are always within the customer’s reach – removing any challenges for top and bottom shelf shopping. This action also improves customer experience and gives brands another way to communicate with their customers.

EcoTrac® also makes it easier for store staff to restock, as well as easier to follow planograms. “By using the lanes to support retailer or brand messaging, our clients can make their products stand out against the competition” says Marketing Manager Lucy Neville.

Originally designed with beverages in mind, EcoTrac® can be used in chilled or ambient areas as well as other categories, such as herbs and spices. EcoTrac® is available in a wide variety of different sizes, from the size of a small spice jar to a large 2 litre bottle. All sizes can be fitted together to suit any planogram.

Retailer results have shown an uplift in sales of up to 22% in the chilled beverage category. EcoTrac® can be found in the leading UK supermarkets, independent retailers and restaurants across Europe and North America.

EcoTrac® is fully recyclable and is made from 80% reprocessed materials. In EcoTrac®, RTC not only provides a premium system which will increase your sales, but also an industry exclusive limited 4 year warranty.

RTC is an established global supplier of retail design, fixtures and shelf management systems. With over 60 years’ experience, RTC helps engage customers through the retail environment and improve the shopping experience. Working with household brands and retailers across the globe, RTC provides solutions that are compelling and relevant to both the global and local marketplace.

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