Ecotile interlocking floor tiles are a quick, easy and durable solution to the problems found in many warehouses. Ecotile can be dry laid over any hard surface including uneven, damp and damaged substrates with minimal preparation so there is no need to close down the area while we work and the floor is ready for use immediately. Ecotile copes easily with forklift and pallet truck traffic and comes with a 10 year guarantee. In the unlikely event of a tile being damaged it can be lifted and replaced in minutes and because Ecotile interlocking floor tiles are made from PVC they are very easy to clean. Manufactured in the UK we are ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited and can name some of the world’s most prestigious blue chip companies as our customers including Kellogs, Walkers Snack Foods, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and TK Maxx. The tiles have an R10 slip rating and are available in a range of colours and surface textures to mark out walkways, production, goods in/out etc. One of the tiles in our range is ideal for use in cold storage units and is used by Polarspeed and Asda in this difficult environment.


James Gedye, Managing Director Ecotile comments; “Our interlocking floor tiles are ideal for warehousing applications as they provide a durable and safe flooring solution that can be installed with minimal downtime and is robust enough to cope with warehouse traffic day after day. Many of our products can be installed without the requirement for a damp proof membrane, screed or adhesive, significantly reducing VOC emissions, installation time and cost.

As a business, we are committed to world class manufacturing standards and have invested in quality to secure our position as the only interlocking flooring tile manufacturer that holds the full complement of quality accreditations and certifications including ISO9001 / 14001, CE Mark, BFI S1 Fire Rating, Achilles and the R10 anti-slip rating. “

Manufactured using the highest grade material on state of the art injection moulding machines, the unique grid pattern on the reverse of the tiles ensures absolute dimensional stability.

The pockets of air create a mini vacuum to prevent slippage, especially if there is oil, grease or water on the substrate. The grid pattern also allows the tiles to breathe – vital when installing over concrete that has not cured or where there is damp within the floor.

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