asda-9189.jpgecoFridge, the emission free trailer refrigeration unit, was on display at this year’s IAA show in Hanover from 25 September to 2 October. Working in collaboration with Krone trailers, the ecoFridge unit was fitted to a Krone Cool Liner on Stand C34 in Hall 27. ecoFridge, which is currently undergoing a number of working trials for ‘high street’ names, has been fully ATP certified and has no operational safety restrictions.

Many food transporters around the globe are already looking to ecoFridge as the only viable transport cooling system which can combat fuel escalation, noise restrictions and carbon emissions. The system works by releasing vaporised nitrogen into the load area from an underslung tank with a capacity of up to 1000 litres.

The load space will reach set point from an ambient +30ºC to -25ºC in around 30 minutes. After each door opening, it will return to set point at faster than a degree a minute and without top freezing.

Liam Oliff, Director of Marketing and Sales, comments: “We are looking forward to introducing the ecoFridge concept to a wider audience, starting at the IAA show. The economic and environmental benefits of the unit are becoming of increasing importance to transport companies around the world and ecofridge units are emission free, silent running and cost a fraction of the running costs of conventional units.”

Anybody wishing to see a full ecoFridge demonstration can do so at Gray and Adams Doncaster. To arrange this or for further information about ecoFridge, telephone 01326 560404 or visit

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