ECO100FUEL is 100% eco-friendly, 100% natural, 100% organic, 100% sustainable, 100% non-carcinogenic, 100% clean, 100% efficient and 100% effective.

eco1-CubeBag ECO100FUEL is pressed from crushed dry biomass under extremely high pressure using only steam to aid adhesion. The pressure and processes involved creates an easy to light, high-performance, high-energy burning solid fuel with absolutely no negative impact on the environment.

As they are made completely from agricultural straw and crop waste, without chemical additives, stabilisers or enhancers, they are clean and safe to handle, whilst the lowlevels of CO2 produced when burning our fuels are absorbed by the recurringannual crops thus making them carbon neutral, 100% eco-friendly and totallysustainable.


Eco100-Cubes have been specifically designed for use on barbeques and other outdoor cooking appliances as a clean to handle, green, natural alternative to using charcoal or wood for cooking. At approximately 30mm cubed, their shape ensures easy lighting and a high energy, long lasting burn, allowing for faster and longer cooking times, with extremely low, non-carcinogenic, smokeless CO2 emissions.

Once exhausted, the ash remnants can be used as natural fertiliser. For easy storage and transportation they are available in weatherproof 5 kg bags.

The 100% natural alternative to charcoal, 

Eco100-Cubes have been specifically designed for use on barbeques and other outdoor cooking appliances.

-100% Eco-friendly with 100% natural ingredients

-High performance, high energy burn with extremely low C02 emissions

eco bag and cubes2beta-Non-carcinogenic, clean to handle and easy to light

-Burns hotter and longer compared to wood & charcoal

-Cubed shape ensures easy lighting with effective flame control giving longer cooking time whilst giving food that great outdoor flavour

-No chemical additives, enhancers or other foreign substances

-100% Eco: ash remnants can be used as natural fertilisers

-Eco-friendly manufacture and totally carbon neutral

-Economically and environmentally beneficial

With ever increasing heating costs and the growing concern for our environment we are excited tohave three further ECO100FUEL products in the final stages of development, to be available for Winter 2015.  ECO100FUEL will be adding:

  • ECO100-LOGs, manufactured intoa high-density, log form, designed for use in open fires and solid fuel stoves, as a natural alternative to wood or coal.
  • ECO100- ‘EN PLUS’ PELLETS, specifically for use in the latest solid fuel boilers
  • ECO100- MICRO-LOGS work beautifully in chimineas, fire-pits and just about any type of open fire.    


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