The deal will see the Ten Locks team distribute and supply the liqueur to the retail sector 

Dubbed the ultimate at-home bartender hack, EasyMixt is the latest brand to join Ten Locks. Set to shake up the drinks industry, EasyMixt empowers consumers to up their hosting and home-bar game.

The trend of making high-end cocktails at home is here to stay and millennials are now seeking innovative and hassle-free, yet premium products to suit their busy schedules and lifestyles. Be it for dinner parties, house parties or just for a night in, EasyMixt provides consumers with a reliable solution and should be considerred a must stock in the year ahead to keep consumers coming back to the spirits aisle and experiementing at home.

A true innovation, EasyMixt balances sweet, citrus, salt and bitter flavours in one bottle. Combined with its 12.5% ABV, it replicates the creation of bar cocktails by mixing natural citrus distillates – lemon, lime, pink, grapefruit and clementine – with a blend of acids and sugars for a full mouth taste normally only achieveable by bar professionals using multiple ingredients.

EasyMixt is the brainchild of Stu Bale, founder of innovative London based Drinks Lab, Crucible. Bale’s inspiration for EasyMixt was also to simplify the cocktail making process, minimising the possibility of error for consumers at home. Destined for the mass market, it can be used to create 29 of the top 50 selling cocktails* by mixing equal parts of spirit and EasyMixt before finishing off with the relevant garnishes.

Easy Mixt is a natural, preservative free product that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It is a pioneering product, falling perfectly into Ten Locks’ growing portfolio of truly innovative drinks brands that are driving a more creative industry.

Becky Davies, Head of Commercial at Ten Locks, said “EasyMixt offers such a unique solution to cocktail making at home. Gone are the days of consumers needing to fork out for multiple different mixers and syrups to create just a handful of serves when hosting. EasyMixt opens up endless opportunities to creating bar-worthy cocktails at home, so consumers can up their hosting a-game.

“As the appointed distributor in the UK, we’re incredibly excited to play our role in stirring up the industry norms when it comes to creating fantastic serves with this truly game-changing product. We’ll be working to unlock its full potential through securing additional retail listings to make EasyMixt a cocktail cupboard staple.”

Founder, Stu Bale, added “After almost two decades experience working with the best the UK bar scene has to offer, I’ve sampled thousands of cocktail creations from both amateurs and professionals alike that were over-complicated and offered too much room for error. That’s why we’ve worked hard to craft a brand that works for everyone – offering a cost and time effective, hassle-free solution to ensuring excellence in every cocktail, no matter what the environment.

“We’re proud to go to the next level with Ten Locks, who share our curiosity and creativity, coupled with a commitment to creating great drinks.”

EasyMixt (70cl) is available to UK grocery and retail sector now via Ten Locks. RRP £20. Visit for more details. It currently has a listing with Selfridges.

EasyMixt joins premium spirits brands Sollasa, Ace + Freak, Cambusier, Bourgoin Cognac, Salford Rum, Mary White Vodka, Nusa Caña Rum, Applewood Gin, Diablesse Rum, Banhez Mezcal, El Tequileño, Langley’s Gin, Redwood Empire and West Cork Irish Whiskey in Ten Locks’ progressive portfolio of drinks brands with a difference. Visit for further information.

*According to Drinks International.

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