With increasing pressure on logistics professionals to switch to double-deck trailers, Easilift Loading Systems has devised a simple, effective process to make a loading dock ready for double-deck loading in just two days – and has launched a free downloadable brochure to show it in action, available from the company website, www.easilift.co.uk.

The new installation process is being introduced because of a lack of awareness in the industry that double-deck loading requires a totally different loading bay configuration to traditional single-deck procedures. Attempting to use the wrong equipment is not only time-consuming but potentially dangerous for warehouse operators.

“The increased use of double-deck trailers on our roads brings significant benefits in terms of cost-efficiency, fuel consumption and speed of delivery, yet this major revolution requires equally radical changes in the loading bay,” explains Rob Fay, Managing Director of Easilift Loading Systems.

“For back-of-store operations where there might only be a single bay and restricted space, the implications of getting it wrong could be disastrous.”

The solution from Easilift Loading Systems is to replace an existing conventional single-trailer dock leveller bay with a bespoke scissor lift solution that can service both single- and double-deck vehicles. Designed to meet the flexible requirements of the modern loading bay, the scissor lift height can be raised or lowered so that single trailers can, in many instances, still be offloaded on a straight run-through.
The company is promoting the advantages of its two-day installation process via downloadable brochure, Transforming The Loading Bay, which is available free of charge from http://www.easilift.co.uk/transforming-the-loading-bay/

Benefits include building the dock pod off-site for ease and speed of final assembly. This means that the scissor lift is ready to be installed as soon as the existing equipment has been dismantled, significantly minimising downtime because the new dock is operational by the end of the second day.

“The installation process must be as swift as possible to minimise downtime and that is where our 2-day installation process can make a significant difference,” confirms Rob Fay.

The downloadable case study follows a typical installation from start to finish, showcasing the ingenuity of Easilift’s designers and the expertise of its engineers in removing a dock leveller pod and replacing it with a scissor-lift dock pod tailored to today’s needs.

Easilift Loading Systems already works with some of the biggest names in retail, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Ocado, and believes that a consensus has quickly formed that the loading bays of the future must be responsive  to the demands of vehicle fleets which contain both single- and double-deck trailers.

“With just two days needed from start to finish, a loading bay can be transformed for long-term operational efficiency without affecting the immediate demands placed upon a busy working environment,” concludes Rob Fay.

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