fray-bentos-photosWhen Premier Foods moved their hand packed Fray Bentos line to a new location pending the introduction of a new fully automated system, the team at DS Smith Packaging Louth was happy to provide its expertise. Choosing to focus on the DesignRight audit, part of the PackRight tool kit, the Louth team was able to take a systematic approach to evaluating the distribution and in-store performance of the retail ready pack supplied by another manufacturer. The team quickly identified that perforations were splitting open in transit, severely restricting the pallet stacking heights.

The Phase 1 solution came in the shape of ShelfMaster with its unique Z fold design. The pack boasted a push lock bottom allowing quicker assembly on the packing line and removed the need for tape on the base. It not only met all the requirements for retail ready packaging, it looked great too. DSSP then worked closely with Premier as part of Phase 2 of the project, to produce a printed die-cut pack that would be suitable for the new fully automated line whilst maintaining the excellent on shelf appearance.

The absence of perforations in both the ShelfMaster and the printed die-cut design provides great pack integrity, which means up to an additional four layers of product can be added to each pallet. That’s a potential annual reduction of 6000 pallet movements and over 230 less lorries. Great savings in cash and carbon!

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