Derbyshire company produces Soda Crystal that can withstand heats of 100°C making them ideal for overseas export

Dri-Pak Limited, a producer of traditional and sustainable household cleaning products, has today unveiled a new grade of Soda Crystal which is suitable for export to hot countries.

The Derbyshire-based company has been producing Soda Crystals for over 50 years, for both consumers and retailers. However, at the moment these crystals can only withstand heats of up to 32ºC before they solidify or melt. This has limited the number of countries the product can be exported to. To counteract this problem, Dri-Pak has developed a new grade of Soda Crystal by changing the formula of the crystal.  This has made the product stable up to 100ºC making it ideal for transport to hotter climates.

“Soda Crystals is one of our most popular products, especially with our Cash and Carry, and Wholesale customers. However, we have all been limited to the number of countries we can export to due to its volatility,” explains Bruce Maxwell, Managing Director of Dri-Pak Limited.

“This new development, which has resulted in a more stable product, will open up a myriad of new and different markets for both us and our many retail customers across the globe,” adds Bruce.


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