Doodles, the brand-new range of lightly sparkling kids drinks in unique “colour me cans” has launched its first raise of crowdfunding with Crowdcube. The range of drinks being launched initially in three flavours and soon to be followed by a still water variant was aiming to raise £750k to fund an integrated marketing campaign. The brand has soared past that target and has currently raised £834K with 18 days left on the investor platform taking it closer and closer to the million-pound mark. Bravura Foods (distributors of the brand) are currently in talks with all major multiples and will be rolling the drink out on the UK market in December. The drink is also being launched in multiple European countries early in 2021.  

Lisa Gawthorne, Director Bravura Foods comments “This drink really is something else. Its such an exciting project to be working on. Not only is it a great and healthy alternative to the fizzy drinks aimed at kids but it also offers a fun, unique creative and educational experience. It’s no surprise to us that it’s a winner with investors.

Karl Morris, Director, Bravura Foods adds “Doodles hits a part of the market that has been neglected for so long and this really represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in the future of kids drinks”

The range of drinks was developed by Alisha and Lee Eason, busy eco conscious parents who were motivated to find a healthier and fun alternative to give their kids (Millie, Felicity and Alfie – all three of which sit on the R&D board at Doodles). Doodles has already secured multiple contracts on export markets for over a million cans and has secured a 27.5m can deal with Americas largest theme park provider. Interested investors will have the chance to invest on Crowdcube up until the 5th December.

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