surface-cleanser-wipesDettol Surface Cleanser Range now endorsed by Allergy UK

In a first for household cleaners, Dettol has announced that its Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser Trigger Spray, Cleansing Surface Wipes and Cleansing Floor Wipes are now officially recommended by Allergy UK. Studies have shown that the Dettol Surface Cleanser range removes 90% of allergens from hard surfaces while simultaneously killing 99.9% of bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and MRSA. Trusted by doctors due to its low chemical content, non bleach, taint or odour and strong antibacterial properties, the Surface Cleanser range is now ideal for targeted allergen removal on hard surfaces, reducing the presence of common indoor allergens such as dust mites, pollen particles and pet dander which can settle on hard surfaces.

Javeria Rehman, Marketing Manager for Dettol comments: “Dettol now offers consumers unique protection along with the reassurance of Allergy UK to help reduce allergens and germs within the home. With 40% of children suffering from an allergy in the UK, it is important to equip mums with the tools they need to protect their family. Dettol helps mums take positive steps in reducing germs and allergens on hard surfaces, providing tangible health benefits.”

To support the news of the Allergy UK endorsement is a £2million campaign which will convey the “90% allergen removal” addition to the on-pack messaging of the Dettol Surface Cleanser range. The campaign targets ABC1 women and the ads will run from the 12 April to the 17 June 2010. This will be further supported by a PR campaign provided by Biss Lancaster, that will target national and consumer press across the UK also encompassing trade and HCP.

surface-cleanser-trigger-500mlA recent Indoor Allergy Report conducted by Allergy UK showed that even though 87% of people know that allergens are airborne, 44% are not aware that allergens can also settle on hard surfaces. Allergens from outside – pollen particles or pet dander – not only infiltrate the home through the air but also stick to clothes, skin and hair, transferring from surface to surface and eventually settling on hard surfaces throughout the home.

Lindsey McManus from Allergy UK comments: “Simple measures to reduce allergens in the home can make a big difference and the Dettol Surface Cleanser range is ideal for those with allergies due to it removing 90% of allergens. Also its low chemical content gives a choice for those who prefer to reduce their chemical load within the home. We’re excited to be working with Dettol on a product that will help allergy sufferers to reduce the allergens on hard surfaces that can trigger allergic reactions.”

Available on shelves now with the Allergy UK stamp of approval the range includes Dettol Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser trigger spray, surface and floor wipes with prices starting at MRSP £1.92. For further information on Dettol please visit and or for more information on Allergy UK or to view the Indoor Allergy Report visit

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