When serving on board of flights, space is a virtue valued by airlines when selecting their menus. As a supplier to a number of airlines already with their packs of snack breads and cookies, this fact is not lost on Novel Foods whose Grissinetti Snack Bread product is easily identifiable by the neat way the snacks are packed into small clear tubs with peelable printed lidding film.

Grissinetti-Breadsticks-2Expertly packed by Lindum Foods in Lincolnshire with the addition of an easy peel application to ensure the packs are easily accessible, the product is ideal for the Food Travel Sector due to the compact space the tub takes up whilst protecting the product integrity, a key factor when supplying airlines, to ensure each and every stick remains intact as it reaches the consumer.

“With the help of National Flexible and their reverse print technique, we have created an absolute break through with new style of packaging snack breads and sweet biscuits.” Said Novel Foods Kamran Moslehi, clearly thrilled with the outcome

“The pack looks great with the printed lid,” said National Flexibles Area Sales Manager Lee Rollinson, “And with the easy peel application, there is no trouble accessing the product like on other similar packs”

Grissenetti Snack Bread has won a new found place when considered by customers as a result of the brilliant look and feel of the new design.


James Walker Marketing Manager

Tel: 01274 685566

Email: James@nationalflexible.net


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