Gluten-free food brand, Delicious Alchemy, has launched the UK’s only instant porridge products free from both gluten and dairy.  

PorridgeOatsSyrup-mediaIts new Quick Cook Porridge Sachets and Porridge Oat Pots, available in classic original and golden syrup flavour, have been designed to provide an easy-to-make and nutritious breakfast for coeliacs, those with dairy intolerances and people following a free-from diet.

The launch of the new products come on the back of a surge in the popularity of porridge – 48 per cent of Brits now eat it according to Mintel – and an increase in demand for on-the-go and at-desk breakfast products.

Emma Killilea, owner of Delicious Alchemy, said: “Porridge is an increasingly popular breakfast choice and through listening to our customers, we were able to determine that there was a big demand for on-the-go gluten and dairy-free porridge products.

“Our team has worked hard to get the recipes for both new products spot on, and the result is two flavoursome porridge products that are nutritious and filling and suitable for people with a variety of specialist dietary requirements.”

The new products are made by adding water, milk or a dairy-free alternative, with the pots being ready in under two minutes, and the sachets, available in boxes of eight, in under three.

The Quick Cook Porridge Oat Sachets RRP is £2.79 for a box of eight and the Instant Porridge Oat Pots RRP is £1.49 each. They are currently available from Deliciously Alchemy’s online shop, Holland and Barratt online, and in a selection of independent retailers and health food stores.

The two products take Delicious Alchemy’s gluten and dairy-free product count to 12. Other products available include a range of bread and baking mixes, original porridge oats, rice flake porridge and museli.

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