CS Labels has announced that they would be acquiring a third top-of-therange Xeikon CX3 printing press, in order to cope even faster with increased demand. This compliments their existing presses that include two existing CX3’s and two 3500’s – they are the only company in the world to own technology of this magnitude and are the largest label printer in Europe running Xeikon; CS have grown up to 25% year-on-year.


The new press will improve production efficiency as it is one of the fastest on the market and it is 56% faster than any other press manufactured by Xeikon. Capacity is further expanded which will enable CS to make further inroads to their already successful position in standup pouches, as well as make longer runs more efficient as they further eat into the traditional flexographic labels market.

Talking about the investment, Mr Smith said: “Each press is dedicated to a specific product type. We maximise production by minimising material changes on each press. The Xeikon CX3 presses enable us to concentrate production of selfadhesive labels and transfer the production of our flexible packaging, stand-up pouches and heat-transfer labels to the other presses. The fact there are no change-over in substrates or settings and no press downtime makes us faster, more productive and cost effective. This is reassuring for customers who want their labels and pouches even faster and more personalised as the market and indeed digital technology evolves.”

Not going with the flow…. CS Labels have also implemented a workflow automation initiative across various business units, including the studio, where one improvement was publically blogged about in May. They have announced today that this now also includes the integration of their state-of-the-art laser cutter into an automatic workflow solution that eliminates previous downtime as it automatically knows which design will be next.

Summing up, Mr Smith, who is known for being innovative with a thought leadership that is respected by clients as well as the industry said: “We want to stay at the top of our game and this year we are working smarter and harder than ever. To continue to delight customers you have to apply continuous improvement across all areas. Our recent enhancements are the results of hard work, smart thinking and making the most of innovation and technology. Underpinning this is the really great team that I have around me. As we look on to the next quarter, all I can say is watch this space as we have some interesting news to come about our finishing capabilities and capacity”


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