The field of freestanding display units (FSDUs) has long been dominated by cardboard, despite this being an expensive one-trip option. However there is a viable alternative, which is why Polymer Logistics recently developed its innovative Crystal Clear range. Manufactured from tough polycarbonate, a Crystal Clear FSDU offers up to a 50% saving over traditional cardboard, as it can be pooled and used time and time again, making it a more sustainable option.


The Crystal Clear range of pooled stackable trays also delivers other significant advantages over cardboard FSDUs. It has a greater load bearing capacity, making it particularly useful for the promotion of heavier items such as lotions, shampoos, and beverages, and is more able to cope with the demands of supply chain handling as cardboard FSDUs can be easily damaged in transit. With its better stack stability Crystal Clear ensures that products arrive in store undamaged, which in turn helps to reduce waste or lost sales due to damaged packaging.

In terms of in-store shopper experience Crystal Clear is aesthetically appealing and displays the product offering clearly to the consumer. Compared with a cardboard FSDU, which can be easily damaged or metal cages that can become battered over time, Crystal Clear is also resistant to damage whilst on the retail floor. What’s more, the unit can be trimmed with POS messaging to optimise promotion, which in turn increases sales.

The High Street is changing, as are customers’ shopping preferences. Smaller convenience-type stores are growing in popularity but these too are under pressure to provide customers with as wide a product offering as possible. Thanks to its stackable tray levels, the Crystal Clear FSDU range lends itself perfectly to this and can be easily configured to offer, for example, different flavours or types of a product on the different trays.

Another key element in ensuring retail profitability is to maximise product availability and one of the ways to do this is to reduce replenishment times. A cardboard FSDU has to be laboriously stocked by store staff whereas a Crystal Clear FSDU arrives fully stocked and ‘retail ready’ and can be put straight on to the shop floor, ensuring maximum product availability and helping to boost sales.

The Crystal Clear range is available in three different variants. Two types can be used as FSDU, while all three are foldable and stackable trays, maximising truck and store space, and ultimately reducing transport costs.

Once the product has reached the end of its useful life, Crystal Clear proves its green credentials as it can be fully recycled, thus underlining Polymers Logistics’ commitment to providing environmentally sustainable packaging to the retail industry.

Polymer Logistics

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