Innovative new products require creative packaging that protects in transit and helps the item stand out on supermarket shelves – reasons why a leading manufacturer of sports and energy supplements adopted corrugated packaging solutions, for the launch of its new products aimed at the fitness market.


Sport Nutrition contract manufacturer Nutrition Works has chosen multi-functional corrugated shelf ready packaging (SRP) for sachets of its preservative-free ‘Push Energy’ gels and ‘Full & Slim’ gels – highly-effective, results-focused drinks for the sports nutrition, weight management and health industries.

The colourful corrugated SRP designed for Push gels is not only a powerful marketing tool but also incorporates perforations for easy opening to give store managers what they want: packaging that can go straight on the shelf with the minimum of fuss, typically in less than 20 seconds, cutting handling costs and waste.

Nutrition Works’ weight management supplement is Full & Slim, offered in grapefruit, orange mango and passion fruit flavours. Batches of these gels are supplied in a colourful, corrugated SRP format that provides ideal presentation for the product and is made from fine fluting that offers maximum strength with improved space efficiency.

Corrugated SRP helps streamline logistics operations and brings environmental advantages for the retail sector through its recyclability, while its flat printable sides make the material ideal for displaying all the dietary information that health-conscious consumers need to make an informed choice.

The decision by Nutrition Works to choose corrugated for its state-of-the-art energy supplements is a testament to the advantages that using corrugated packaging can provide, says the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI).

CPI’s Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson, said: “Flexibility and innovation are the cornerstones of the Corrugated Industry, hence its philosophy that one size does not fit all. We’re delighted that the sports energy drinks market is realising that corrugated can supply high quality, precise, bespoke SRP solutions.”

Both products have been promoted in the national media, with Boots having exclusivity for a period of time. Nutrition Works director, Adrian Short, said: “We work hand-in-hand with household name manufacturers and retailers to design and develop these nutrition and energy boosting products, and needed to ensure that they stand out on the shelf.

“We are passionate about designing and supplying great products and that goes for the packaging as well. Corrugated delivered the best SRP solution for the energy gels because of its dynamic presentation qualities and easy to open format.”

Through innovative thinking, coupled with investing millions of pounds in printing and die-cutting technology, the Corrugated Industry is meeting the challenges set by retailers, in both logistics and marketing terms, by designing exceptional packaging that can protect and promote products like energy boosting drinks.

Andy Barnetson

Director of Packaging Affairs

Tel: 01793 889602


Twitter: @CorrugatedCPI

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