DANLERS have announced the release of their much awaited ‘ControlZAPP’ with DIMMING capability, a ground-breaking link between stand-alone controls and the sophisticated, but expensive managed systems.


Featuring Bluetooth ‘Smart’ communication, ControlZAPP can be used to remotely set-up, adjust or override settings such as daylight linked dimming (DALI or 1-10V ballasts) occupancy detection, time lags, photocell threshold etc into a pre-determined real time schedule.

ControlZAPP has the flexibility to schedule scenarios and function changes at different times of the day or days of the week – adjusting lux levels, short visit modes or changes to normal working hours. This unique combination of a stand-alone energy saving control plus REAL time scheduling increases energy saving and improves end user comfort at a low cost.

The ControlZAPP APP can be downloaded FREE from the DANLERS website onto a mobile or tablet (Android 4.3 or later) which can then be configured to upload to a ControlZAPP enabled product.

ControlZAPP is ideal for warehouses, factories, retail units, offices etc and is designed to be within the scope of all qualified contractors, large or small for both retrofit and new installations.

Tel: 01249 443377

Email: sales@danlers.co.uk


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