cactus-jacks.jpgVery positive customer feedback indicates that Cactus Jack’s Schnapps has proven to be yet another bright idea from InterContinental Brands, serial innovators with a long track record of serving up colourful, fun and distinctively different drinks. The off the wall appeal of Cactus Jack’s Schnapps in five cool and whacky flavours, Apple Sour, Kool Kola, Blue Chilli, Cheeky and Candy in 50cl bottles, is such that ICB is now introducing the Apple Sour and Kool Kola flavours in 1 litre bottles.

Cactus Jack’s is designed to provide young adults of both sexes with a bit of fun and added interest as they identify with specific flavours and colours to suit their mood and image.

Once they have identified if they feel in a Kool, Blue, Cheeky etc mood, they can choose to drink Cactus Jack’s neat and short, or mix it with soda or lemonade.

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Tel: 01642 246639

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  1. claire taylor

    i am drinking black star and it taste simular to jack daniels, it taste great and the price is good too, i’ve also tried it with blue wkd and the cocktail is called the green meany, coz it turns green. it’s double black star, ice and a bottle of blue wkd, in a pint glass


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