picture-027A groundbreaking product from a North Wales manufacturer is being launched this week to offer consumers a new effective way to help combat swine flu.

For over 20 years, John Dale Ltd from Flint has been producing high quality disposable wipes for the skincare, toiletries and household markets.

Over the past few months, it has called upon all those years of experience to develop the ‘JD Protects’ anti-viral range of disposable wipes for personal, household and workplace use.

Of particular public interest will be the active ingredient in the ‘JD Protects’ consumer friendly formula, which, after only one minute of contact, will kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses including Human Influenza H1N1 and crucially at this moment in time – Swine Flu.

Available in a ‘Hand Face & Body’ wipe and a ‘Surface’ wipe, the breakthrough ‘JD Protects’ range has been developed in response to the individual fear and economic debilitation that has become such a big part of British life since Swine Flu first took hold in March this year. The product works by killing flu viruses including H1N1 already on the skin or surfaces then an invisible coating protects them against the viruses until the next wash.

Currently there is an element of consumer confusion, many thinking that anti bacterial wipes and gels provide protection against H1N1 and Swine Flu. All strains of Flu including H1N1 are viruses. Whilst effective in killing bacteria like MRSA and e-coli, anti bacterial products do not kill viruses such as H1N1 and Swine Flu. They come up short, leaving these dreaded viruses to live on in our lives, on our hands, bodies and around our homes and workplaces.

Crucially for consumers though The JD Protects Anti Virus Wipes not only kill 99.9% of H1N1 and Swine Flu viruses, they are also effective against bacteria, killing 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA and e-coli. In addition, as  the face, hand and body wipe’s moisturising formula is free from alcohol and the surface wipe is virtually alcohol free, this prevents the skin drying, cracking and dermatitis flare-ups sometimes experienced with regular usage of anti-bacterial products with a high alcohol content.

The hand wipes continue to protect the skin until the next wash with soap or liquid cleaner. The surface cleaner can protect surfaces for up to 12 hours. This makes them ideal to have on one’s person when entering Swine Flu hotspots.  One application can literally help wipe your worries away.

Speaking of the launch, owner and founder of John Dale Ltd, John Dale M.B.E. said: “As the country braces itself for peak levels of swine flu later in the year, this breakthrough will come as a great relief to millions of Britons. Thanks to ‘JD Protects’, consumers and businesses can add an element of control to their daily lives, ultimately reducing the level of fear and helping contain the virus.”

Applications for the range vary. The ‘Face, Hand & Body’ wipes, which come in handy-sized packs of 15, calls upon years of developing skincare formulas to provide a product which is not only anti-viral with particular effects against flu viruses, it is also anti-bacterial killing 99.99% of bacteria including MRSA, moisturising and healthy for the skin.

One wipe of the skin care wipes can help protect the user against swine flu until the next wash. The product comes in a handbag size resealable pack so consumers can carry the product with them wherever they go, be it work, social occasions or even children going to school. The product will retail at around £1.49 per pack of 15.

The ‘Surface’ wipes, which come in packs of 40, are designed to protect against the Flu viruses including H1N1 in all the environments in which we live and work including public transport, public toilets, restaurants, offices, kitchens and bathrooms at home to name but a few. The product is particularly effective on the vulnerable surfaces like telephones, door handles and computer keyboards. Like its counterpart the hand face and body wipe, the surface cleaner also kills 99.99% of bacteria including MRSA on a surface. The product will retail at around £1.99 for 40 wipes. These products will be available at many national retailers from mid September 2009.

So confident is John Dale in the Company’s new range and so concerned is he about the effect swine flu could have on his workforce and the Company’s efficiency, he has decided to introduce them at the John Dale Ltd factory in Flint.

John says “All companies will be worried about the effects the spread of the virus will have on productivity. At John Dale Ltd we are going to issue every employee with a free hand face and body pack for their personal use in the factory and office every week. The surface wipes will be used by our cleaners and staff to regularly clean personal and high usage areas such as telephones, computers, door handles, desktops etc. We are confident this practice will help prevent the spread of swine flu by helping protect our staff from the virus and we urge other companies and organisations to do the same.”

If you want more information please contact John Dale Ltd on 01352 761884, info@johndale.co.uk or please visit our website at: www.johndale.co.uk

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