ks-2010-prNow available from DED, the KS-2010 series of touch screen terminals from Posiflex have been specifically designed for PoS environments that need a quiet, fan free touch screen terminal that has a small footprint. The KS-2010 series features a 10.4 inch TFT screen so saves valuable counter top space in busy PoS environments. Not only compact and quiet, the KS-2010 series of touch screen terminals offers features that are way beyond those that the size of the terminal would suggest.

Featuring an 800 x 600 SVGA screen, the standard RAM on the KS-2010 series is 256MB; an optional upgrade to 512MB is available or even 1GB if required. With a VIA Eden 500 processor, operating system support on the KS-2010 series includes WePOS, Windows CE and Linux. Windows XP Pro is also supported, but it is recommended that the upgraded 1GB RAM be used in conjunction with this operating system.

The KS-2010 series offers 4 serial ports and 1 LAN port for 10/100 T Ethernet, providing ease of integration into existing PoS systems. Also offering a 2W amplifier with internal speakers should sound be required at any time, the KS-2010 features a vertical LCD panel with an easy tilt angle adjustment from 20º to 70º. With additional options for a magnetic stripe reader for tracks 1 and 2 and an optional WiFi adaptor, the KS-2010 series of touch screen terminals is sure to take the market by storm.

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