February is usually cold and frosty but on the bright side it brings the cheery thought that spring’s not far off. For retailers now’s the time to start thinking about the Spring Cleaning season, a peak time for household cleaning sales.

chazAccording to Mintel’s March 2015 report a third of Brits clean their homes extra thoroughly from top to bottom when the days start getting warmer and lighter. But don’t wait until the official start of spring, on Sunday March 20, to catch those incremental household product purchases. As the days start getting lighter from mid January, your shoppers may already be doing some sneaky Spring Cleaning on the quiet in between showers!

While Spring Cleans are often seen as a chance to improve the look of the home, for many it is also an opportunity to make the place more hygienic. While over half (56%) the Brits who do the cleaning in their kitchen say having a clean kitchen is important for their health, one in five struggle to find time to do the job properly.

Richard Caines, Senior Household Care Analyst at Mintel, says typically it is the kitchen areas overlooked in everyday cleaning such as ovens, microwaves and inside cupboards and fridges, which receive the most attention at Spring Clean time.

The household cleaning market is benefiting strongly from the importance we place on maintaining a clean kitchen. Kitchen cleaners rose 5% from £30m in 2013 to £31m in 2014. Sales of antibacterial multi-purpose cleaners rose 11%, from £78m in 2013 to £86m in 2014. Kitchen appliances have also been receiving more targeted cleaning attention, with appliance-specific limescale removers’ sales up 20% from £11m in 2013 to £13m in 2014.

Almost two thirds of Brits who do the cleaning tasks in their home have used a trigger spray for cleaning kitchen worktops, while a quarter (24%) prefer cleaning wipes for cleaning inside cupboards and drawers. But good old cloths and soapy water are still trusted by half of Brits for cleaning inside the fridge or freezer.

With one in five (20%) Brits who use products for cleaning the bathroom and toilet quoted as struggling to find time to clean their bathroom, this is sure to be another target for the Spring Clean. While 89% of Brits purchase designated bathroom products, 53% would be interested in bathroom and toilet cleaners with longer-lasting antibacterial protection and 47% are interested in products that eliminate lingering odours.

Looking forwards, taking the home as a whole, the greatest untapped Spring Cleaning sales opportunity probably has to be the one in 10 Brits who have an oven but say they never clean inside it! A product that gives them the gleam without the grind is sure to do well, and might even win these consumers over to the cleaning habit.

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