New product uses 75% less plastic and is set to remove 1.5M plastic bottles from the waste stream each year

In a move that is set to revolutionise the household cleaning category, Unilever has announced the launch of Cif ecorefill, the super concentrated at-home refill technology that allows consumers to refill and reuse their trigger spray bottles for years to come*.

Rolling out now, this innovation demonstrates the brand’s ambition of helping consumers make more sustainable choices when buying cleaning products and taps into the growing demand for products that use less packaging and plastic.

The launch is supported by new research, which shows that more than two-thirds of people in the UK now feel guilty when throwing away any plastic packaging. More than eight in ten (83%) people wish they had access to more refillable products and furthermore only one in six (16%) are currently buying refills. The largest barriers are lack of awareness on refill products or simply not being able to find them on supermarket shelves.[1]

Made with 75% less plastic[2], the Cif ecorefill attaches to regular Cif Power & Shine trigger spray bottles through its innovative ‘twist and click’ technology.  Simply fill the bottle with ordinary tap water, twist and click the ecorefill and concentrated liquid is seamlessly released into the bottle. Made with a 10x concentrated formula and packaged in a recyclable bottle[3], the product delivers the same great cleaning performance consumers expect from Cif.

This launch reflects commitments within the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan to ensure all plastic packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. By the end of 2020 this eco innovation is forecast to save 1.5M plastic bottles and result in 87% less trucks on the road (based on pallet configuration).

If reducing plastic wasn’t appealing enough, the new Cif ecorefill will also save consumers money as they now only need to purchase Cif Kitchen and Cif Bathroom Power and Shine once (£3.00 RRP each***). They can then use Cif ecorefill to top bottles up at a lower RRP of just £2.50.

Other benefits include the smaller pack size which allows for a more efficient use of space for both consumers within their cleaning cupboards and recycling bins, as well as on retailers’ shelves.

Gemma Cleland, Vice President, Home Care, Unilever UK and Ireland, comments: “This launch marks a step-change in our approach to plastic within the home care category. Put simply, Cif ecorefill provides consumers with a product that has less impact on the environment whilst still giving them the great cleaning power they expect from Cif. This technology looks set to revolutionise the cleaning category for good.  Welcome to the ecorefill revolution!

“We know that UK consumers are more conscious than ever of the effects their actions can have on the world around them and are on the lookout for easy ways to make a positive impact on the environment – and there’s no better place to start than in the home. This insight has helped us to develop this no-mess, at-home refill technology. By keeping a bottle of Cif and refilling and reusing it over and over again, consumers can significantly reduce their consumption of single use plastic.”

Earlier this year Unilever launched a new #GetPlasticWise campaign – a holistic approach to rethinking plastic. Focusing efforts in five key areas, Unilever is working towards a closed loop where plastic stays within the plastic economy whilst working towards the Plastics Pact targets. The launch of Cif ecorefill reflects Unilever’s commitment to seeking out ways to innovate across all of our brands and developing solutions that allow us to use less, better or no plastics.

The Five Point Plastic Plan comprises:

  1. Increase the amount of recycled content we use and the recyclability of our packaging
  2. Reduce the amount of plastic in our products and business, and ensure that the plastic we do need can be reused, recycled or composted
  3. Seek alternatives to plastic
  4. Support positive behaviour change with our consumers and employees
  5. Work collaboratively with a range of partners to affect change

Boasting a striking and colourful design, Cif ecorefill bottles clearly communicate the product’s sustainable benefits to consumers and provide optimum stand out on shelf.

[1] Edelman Intelligence 2019. 2,000 UK consumers

2 One Cif ecorefill vs one bottle of Cif Power & Shine

3  In order to recycle, users need to remove the outer perforated sleeve

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