chupa-bubble-gum-stick-strawberryChupa Chups is building upon the brands success and popularity amongst kids and teenagers by extending its range into bubblegum.  The launch follows Chupa Chups record growth of 30% yoy in 2009 in a flat sugar confectionery market*.

The new Chupa Chups Bubblegum range provides fans with a range of great tasting, and exciting bubblegum products including a bubblegum filled lollipop, Bubbly Cotton Candy and a Big Babol stick pack containing 6 pieces of soft bubblegum.

Chupa Chups Bubbly, Cotton Candy was relaunched earlier this year and offers teenagers a different way of enjoying bubblegum. The unique cotton candy floss turns into bubblegum and is available in the popular tutti frutti flavour.

The latest addition to the Chupa Chups bubblegum range is the launch of Chupa Chups big Babol. The stick pack of bubblegum will be launched in March and will be available in strawberry and tutti frutti flavours with each pack containing six pieces of individually wrapped bubblegum.

For lollipop fans summer 2010 will see the launch of Chupa Chups lollipops filled with bubblegum offering the best of both worlds with lollies in either cherry or cola flavours.

Aimed at the teen market, the brand is being heavily supported with cover-mounts on teen print titles as well as online activity featuring a new brand mascot making its UK debut in June.

Aimee Reason, Chupa Chups Brand Manager, comments “The bubblegum market has been stagnant for a number of years with few players and little innovation. We have taken the opportunity to reinvigorate the category by launching a range of unique Chupa Chups Bubblegum products  at a time when consumers are engaged with the Chupa Chups brand, We look forward to both seeing the impact of this launch and using our fantastic results last year as success spring board for 2010.”

* IRI data w/c: 52 w/e 31st Oct 2009, all outlets

Did you know?

Strawberry is the most popular Chupa Chups flavour globally

Product: Chupa Chups Big Babol Bubblegum (six piece pack, available in Strawberry and Tutti Frutti flavours)

RSP: 27p

Weight: 27.8g

Launch date: Monday 1 March

Product: Chupa Chups Bubbly Cotton Candy (available in Tutti Frutti flavour)

RSP: 35p

Weight: 11g

Launch date: Out now

Coming soon:

Product: Chupa Chups Bubblegum lollipops available in Cola and Cherry flavours

RSP: 15p

Weight: 12g

Launch Date: June 2010

Stockist number: 01753 442 100

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  1. I use 5 packs of your bubblegum every week but can you tell me why you do not produce liquorice bubbkegum that i used to have as a child,I am 61 years old.
    Thank you


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