Chia bia were at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London earlier this year showcasing their full range of chia seed based products now available throughout the UK.

Chia seeds are an ancient superfood of the Aztecs but new to Europe and gaining popularity fast. The seeds are tiny with little or no taste and so, very easy to add to the diet and gain from the many health benefits associated with them such as reduced cholesterol, relief from joint pain and increased energy.

Chia is the highest known vegetarian source of Omega 3 and as more people become aware of the widespread lack of Omega 3 in modern diets, Chia bia makes it easy to top up on this important nutrient, but that’s not all.  Chia is a complete superfood as it contains all of the essential amino acids, is high in fibre, a source of protein and antioxidants, is gluten free, sugar free, trans fat free, non GMO and pesticide free. This is why Chia bia have decided to go more mainstream by targeting supermarkets as their products appeal to so many and not just the health food industry.

Chia bia leads the way in delivering high quality chia seeds as they partner with Dr. Wayne Coates who is responsible for bringing chia seeds back to commercialisation. He works directly with the farmers across Central America where he has developed the machinery and cleaning processes needed to process chia to a large scale level. As Dr. Coates sources and approves all Chia bia seeds, he guarantees that all seed sold under the Chia bia brand is of the highest quality containing no immature or weed seeds.

Full product range include: Whole Chia Seeds, Milled Chia Seeds, Chia & Blueberry Mix, Chia & Cranberry Mix, Organic Soda Bread Mix and 3 flavours of Organic Nutrient Bars.

Chia Bia

Tel: 00 353 51 393685


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