soft-cheese_white-bgrdLactofree®, the UK’s first range of lactose free dairy products, is giving those with lactose intolerance even more choice in their diets with the launch of a soft cheese. The brand portfolio, already includes a hard cheese, yogurt (strawberry, raspberry and natural), whole and semi-skimmed milk.

Cheese was hailed as ‘most missed’ in consumer research amongst those with lactose intolerance, and in response Lactofree launched the soft cheese exclusively in Sainsbury’s this month and is available in 200g tubs at £1.34.

All products in the range are produced using cows’ milk that has been filtered to remove the lactose, whilst keeping all the goodness and taste of real dairy.

In addition to on-going television and print communications, the brand is communicating the launch to consumers through a digital campaign, quoting Lactofree superstars – fans with famous namesakes.

Lactofree has also teamed up with celebrity chef Lesley Waters to create recipes using the soft cheese, these include:  Warm Peppered Chicken and Pear Salad with Cream Cheese and Mustard Chive Dressing, and Limey Baked Cheesecake.

Samantha Glassford, Brand Manager for Lactofree comments: “We are always looking to give customers with lactose intolerance more choice in their diets, and are really excited to be launching a soft cheese. It looks, tastes and has the same cooking properties as the standard dairy version, just without the lactose – so we expect it to be as popular as the rest of the products in the range.”

Intolerance to lactose, which affects up to 15% of the population, is the body’s inability to break down lactose, the natural sugar found in milk, leaving you feeling bloated, nauseous and suffering from trapped wind and stomach cramps after consuming dairy products. Lactose intolerance is often mistaken for an intolerance to dairy and many people cut out all dairy products from their diet, without realising that it may only be the lactose they are intolerant to.

Further information about lactose intolerance and the Lactofree range can be found at

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