Celtech is the leading retail technology company with operations in Ireland and the UK.
Since its foundation over twenty years ago, it has focused exclusively on the retail industry – with the primary focus on the grocery, food, wholesale, symbol groups, co-ops and convenience retail sectors.

The company’s mission is to simplify retail technology

The company pioneered centralised and true real-time systems architecture many years ago. Celtech’s enterprise-class ab-initio application system has proven to be one of the most reliable, secure, and scalable mission-critical systems on the market.

Celtech is renowned in the industry for innovation and all of its customers benefit from each new application up-grade of ab-initio, with the features and functionality available to all. No versions of the abinitio application ever go unsupported, for true and lasting commercial return on investment.

Innovation in retail technology

Innovation in the retail technology space must be driven by the focus to serve a retailer’s customer better by being efficient, accurate, & timely, and also rewarding their loyalty and delivering moments of delight to keep them engaged with the retail brand.

When we look at innovation in retail technology in the UK market, we see two themes emerging – those of ‘Simplification’ and ‘Real-time’.


‘Simplification’ is an important strategy that we see being embraced by retailers in an effort to focus on both their customers and on their core retail operations.

Offering retailers a fully managed subscription model for their retail management system effectively ‘takes the IT away’ from them. This removes all the traditional challenges associated with operating everything in-house and re-positions the IT department to being ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’.

By providing retailers with a fully managed subscription IT model, supported by expert consultancy services, everything from infrastructure to software and hardware is packaged into a singular offer, enabling retailers to have a real platform for growth.

The result is that retailers can focus on serving their customers better and more efficiently by outsourcing their IT platform to IT specialists.


The other recurring theme is ‘Realtime’. A new retail management solution that enables the complete visibility of the business to the retail management team in true real-time isn’t the future of retail. Its here now and is delivering the ultimate in operational efficiency and agility for retailers.

For those progressive retailers with the ab-initio solution already deployed, the benefits to their business are numerous:

? to highlight inefficiencies and opportunities in real-time

? to address trading issues as soon as they arise

? to react quickly and to implement retail change

? and to capitalise on new commercial opportunities as they happen.


Celtech’s ab-initio is the cornerstone of a retailer’s business and is trusted and proven by retailers with billions of transactions and customer interactions served over many years.

To see a live demo of how an abinitio customer sees their retail business please visit www.celtechgroup.com

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