New ‘off the wall’ design to featured on all of PBR’s iconic cans in a UK summer launch 

PBR’s world-famous cans will feature a brand new design inspired by American music festivals, in a new limited edition six-pack range for the UK on and off trade.

The design was created by UK illustrator Mazz Gambardella, who describes it as ‘Saturday morning cartoons at a music festival that’s gone off the wall.’

This will be the first time the world famous can design has been reimagined in the UK (the competition is now in its 6th year in the US), and will see the 330ml can six-packs roll out in a limited run later this month.

The design, unlike anything ever seen before on the Pabst Blue Ribbon can, shows a series of unique characters and scenarios at a fictional music festival – with a hard core band performing to an outlandish crowd of people in space suits and crowd surfers, nodding to PBR’s historic music roots in the USA.

Designer, Mazz Gambaradella, said: “I was inspired by PBR’s association with the live music scene in the USA, the punk rock heritage where it’s so beloved, and the festivals I’ve attended from around the World. Some of the characters in my design are ripped straight from real life from the unique people I’ve met on my travels. 

“As an illustrator and a lover of Pabst, I’m delighted to see my work featured on the iconic can. I hope other people will check out the design when enjoying a beer and be able to relate to the unique characters and scenarios represented in it.”

Gambardella’s submission was handpicked after artists from around the UK competed in the country’s first PBR Pabst Art Can contest last year, competing to have their designs represented.

Angus Lawrie, PBR Brand Manager, said: “PBR is a brand that is all about supporting young talent and helping them get their foot up into the industry, whether that be in music or in art. What better way to make your mark as an artist than by having your designs on the legendary PBR can itself.

“PBR has enjoyed an impressive growth since being introduced to the UK market via C&C Group, and Mazz’s design is perfect for the can as it illustrates how our country is absolutely bursting with creative talent. It tells the story of the quirky characters behind the American music festivals where Pabst has been deeply routed. 

We anticipate these new packs will help to maintain our growth momentum in the UK market, as well as encourage more creatives to showcase their talents.”

PBR has undergone huge growth since being introduced to the UK by C&C Group in 2016. Born in Milwaukee in 1844, PBR prides itself on being individual, authentic, and true to its roots. Owned and produced by America’s largest independent brewery, its multi award-winning taste, heritage and subversive character has made it a firm favourite across the pond. 

A distinctive 4.6% brew with a refreshing flavour, PBR sits comfortably beside both craft and conventional lagers and consistently outperforms leading U.S. mainstream beers in taste tests. By embracing the counter-culture and rejecting traditional advertising channels in favour of lower-key presence and sampling at cool, credible events, PBR has delivered strong market growth – a trend that it looks set to repeat this side of the Atlantic.

The launch of the limited edition art cans will be supported through an integrated PR and social media campaign throughout summer 2019 as the product continues rolling out in the on and off trade.

The packs will be available to buy from Tesco and Asda as well as across the on trade and will feature details about how to enter this year’s PBR Art Can competition that is now open to artists.

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