salus20Castell Safety International has developed the Salus20, a new trapped key isolator switch capable of switching 20 amps.

The switch is designed for use in trapped key interlocking systems and is a new addition to the Salus family, which also includes the recently launched Salus access interlock.

The Salus20 maintains the design theme of the Salus access interlock, combining an integrated flush-mounted lock with sliding lock cover in a stainless steel IP66 sealed enclosure. The cable can enter the enclosure from any direction, depending on the orientation of the base when fitted.

Using an entirely new stainless steel housing with an ergonomic design that has no areas for dirt to collect and trap, the Salus20 is suitable for wash-down environments such as those found in the food and beverage industry. The switch is also fitted with stainless steel cable glands that further enhance its suitability for food and harsh environments.

The Salus20 is mounted using a clip-in fixed mounting. This makes it easy to install, since the switch does not need to be fixed in place to be wired. The switch is available with either two normally open and two normally closed contacts with an optional auxiliary set of contacts, or four normally open or normally closed contacts with optional auxiliaries.

The Salus20 also benefits from Castell’s new end coding system that enables the switch to be stocked and rapidly delivered to customers regardless of the key code required. The flexibility offered by both end coding and the enclosure’s ability to be mounted in any orientation means that the Salus20 is particularly suitable for distribution. The switch is applicable to a wider range of applications than similar Castell products and reduces the requirement for stock holding.

The Salus20 is fully compatible with previous FS lock types and can therefore be used in existing interlocking systems. David Hughes, Castell’s Sales Director, commented: “The new Salus20 is a very exciting development for Castell and builds on the success of the Salus access interlock, launched late last year.

“The design team have done a great job of focusing on the needs of our market and have delivered an excellent product. Thanks to its stainless steel construction and IP66 rating, the Salus20 will be particularly attractive to our customers in both the food and beverage and heavy industrial sectors.”

Castell Safety International Ltd

David Hughes

Tel: 020 8200 1200


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