omega-230-bannerIn an ever changing and uncertain economic climate it is more important than ever for businesses to review their spending, implement cost savings and streamline their operations.

Cashmaster International is committed to developing products that enhance your operation’s efficiency.

With a Cashmaster cash counting machine you will streamline your processes, draw less from your resources and count cash six times faster than by hand. You’ll also maintain 100% assured accuracy and most importantly, avert loss.

“We are so confident that a Cashmaster can improve your operations efficiency that we offer all our customers a no obligation free trial.  What’s more, 90% of Cashmaster customers see a return on investment in three months or less,” said Neil Robertson, Marketing & NPD Manager Cashmaster UK.

When it comes to your cash counting solutions, Cashmaster International offers a range that is truly second-to-none. So it’s no wonder restaurateurs, retailers and leisure companies the world over such as Starbucks, Tesco, Asda and HMV put us to the top of their shopping lists when it comes to choosing a cash-counting solution.”

With the arrival of the next generation of cash counting machines, counting by weight has never been easier. Faster, Accurate and even more intelligent the new Advanced Range incorporates 32-bit technology; quick, easy and intuitive software guaranteed to improve your commercial performance.

“Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in our new range of cash counting machines.  With 32-bit technology incorporated into every model we are proud to unveil the most advanced count by weight technology in the world.”

With advanced technology, superior functionality and pioneering design the next generation of Cashmaster machines is guaranteed to improve efficiency, save time and enhance loss prevention.

Rapid Technology

“The next generation of Cashmaster machines now incorporate unrivalled 32-bit technology, giving our clients the fastest count-by-weight technology in the world.”

Space-Saving Design

“We realise that space is crucial to our clients. The Cashmaster solution gives users the flexibility of having a small all-in-one footprint – preserving desk space.”

Quick and Easy, Intuitive Technology

With advanced software, combined with Cashmaster’s unrivalled 32-bit technology, the new range is even more intelligent and accurate. Incorporated into every model’s robust design is a large easy-to-read display with hardwearing, durable and user-friendly keypads.

A Full Connectivity Solution

“Cashmaster’s new connectivity solution allows users to simplify and streamline their cash-management process. Each new machine incorporates a full range of connectivity options – Serial, Printer and USB are standard on all of our models, with WiFi as an option.”

Self-diagnosis Tool

“We realise that time is precious, so when service issues do arise they need to be rectified rapidly. The Cashmaster Advanced Range incorporates a unique self-diagnosis tool, allowing quick and effective solutions to common problems – minimising disruption and downtime.”

To find out more about Cashmaster’s Advanced Range or to Sign-up For A No Obligation Free-trial, visit –;
Tel: 01383 416098; email

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