coco-pops.jpgThe latest European report ‘The effect of packaging on brand recognition’, commissioned by Pro Carton (Association of European cartonboard and carton manufacturers) has found that cartons offer a distinct advantage in getting products recognised on the supermarket shelf and increase the likelihood of being purchased. The research focused on pasta, biscuits, confectionery and frozen food. On a product and brand level, recognisability of cartonboard packaging was higher for frozen food and chocolate categories, and these also scored highest in likeability of the pack. On a product brand level, pasta and biscuits packed in cartons scored highest.

The study also found that in general, cartons have a higher likeability rating than other formats, due to appealing colours and print effects, making the packaging more eye-catching and recognisable.

Brand awareness and familiarity play a large role in consumers’ purchasing choices. Cartonboard packaging succeeds especially well in communicating the brand shown to respondents, compared to other packaging formats.

Not only does cartonboard communicate brands significantly better than other packs. Previous studies have shown that consumers value the fact that cartons are made from natural, renewable materials and can be recycled. In addition, cartons offer rigidity that consumers feel comfortable with and find them not only easy to recognise in store but also easy to use at home.

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