dsc_8917lrZetes has successfully completed the implementation of a shipment checking project in the “Carnes Selectas 2000” fresh meat processing plant at Campofrío. This is a supply chain traceability solution that manages the inspection of the pallets coming from the production lines, as well as speeding up checking of the daily shipment of over 300 pallets.

Campofrío is an international food and nutrition group with investments on three continents, reaching over 250 million consumers in over 40 countries worldwide. The company operates industrial plants in Spain, Portugal, Romania and Russia and sales offices in the other European countries. In Spain, Campofrío is the leading brand in the processed meat market.

Campofrío approached Zetes to find a solution to the excessive time it was spending each day, manually inspecting the thousands of bin buckets of manufactured product. After a detailed functional analysis of the project, Zetes recommended Visidot. This traceability system is based on vision technology and was developed by the company ImageID, which partnered with Zetes’ Spanish subsidiary in this project. The technology allows the automatic and fast capture of data from a large number of labels containing 2D codes placed on the packaging. The data gathered is compared with each client’s order, alerting the operators, in real-time, to any discrepancies and giving visual indications if the products are not correctly loaded onto pallets.

dsc_9053lrZetes created a ‘made-to-measure’ solution: it personalised the system and developed processes to adapt the solution to the demands of Campofrío. It then integrated the solution with the company’s management system, ADAIA, to ensure an accurate data exchange. Zetes was also entrusted with training staff on how to use the system. The installation of the solution was successfully completed in the Burgos production plant, operated by Campofrío, at the beginning of October, just under four months after contracts were exchanged.

“Now the system is up and running, there is no doubt in our minds that this is a first class traceability solution which gives us a fast and completely safe shipment inspection system. This solution optimises our logistics process, fulfilling our objectives of growth in efficiency and quality and thus improving customer satisfaction”, claimed Santiago Peña, Director of IT systems within the Campofrío Group.

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, commented: “This project is the first of its kind that Zetes has implemented in Europe thanks to a co-operation agreement between the Zetes Group’s Spanish subsidiary and ImageID. In each country, our teams carefully analyse the needs of the client and recommend the solution that best meets the project needs. Working with companies such as Campofrío, who support the use of new identification technologies for the optimisation of their processes, endorses the innovative and proven solutions Zetes brings to the market.”

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