Calypso Lemonade are removing all unnecessary plastic from their bottles as part of a sustainability push.

The removal of the plastic wrapper will save 43cm² of plastic from each 473ml glass bottle of Calypso.

The plastic removal scheme, which began its rollout in April 2022, will remove the plastic cover around the neck of all the iconic drinks’ products, in the first step to eliminating plastic from all parts of Calypso’s 11 SKUs.

The move will reduce Calypso’s plastic output by an estimated 3 tonnes per year in the UK alone, equivalent to over 360,000 plastic bags or 108,000 plastic bottles.

Calypso’s first step in their plastic removal scheme coincides with the brand’s first ever consumer marketing campaign, which rolled out nationwide on 9th May.

Dan Hanton, the UK Trade Marketing Manager at Color Brands said; ‘This is an exciting time for the brand as we look to support the continued outstanding sales growth with a £500K marketing investment in ‘above the line’ activity. As the brand continues to grow in both the UK and Europe, we have a responsibility to remove all unnecessary plastics and reduce our impact on the environment.

Calypso lemonade is available at retailers nationwide. RRP £2.50 per 473ml glass bottles

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