Between the rugged north Cornish coast and the windswept granite backbone of the county there lies a hidden triangle of lush green pasture land loved by dairy cows – here you’ll find Callestick Farm, home to the Parker family and home of Cornwall’s most delicious ice-cream.


Generations of Parkers have farmed at Callestick and two generations are currently involved in one of the County’s most successful farm diversifications. For the last twenty five years the milk produced by the farm’s Friesians, has been pumped directly from the milking parlour into the ice-cream factory. Here Sebastian Parker and his small team live an existence that is ninety percent hard work, nine percent inspiration and one percent pure Willy Wonka; the factory itself is like a scaled down version of the Chocolate Factory without the Oompa Loompas, all pipes, tubes, switches, lights, paddles and various vessels where milk and cream are heated and then cooled and fruit chunks, toffee chips, pecan pieces, vanilla, mint and all the other pure ingredients are added to make twenty six ice cream flavours. In a similar process the farm’s own spring water is turned into eight equally delicious sorbets.

There is, however, no need to win a golden ticket, the ice-cream factory is open to public viewing!

Truthfully, the factory is all stainless steel and laminated walls and resin floors… to comply with the high standards set by the British Retail Consortium Global Standard quality management system. Callestick currently holds a coveted A grade demonstrating their commitment to quality.

Angela is especially proud of their Red Tractor certification… ’encouraged by a development chef of a restaurant group, unusually keen on British sourced products, we pestered until there was an ice cream category and were pleased to be the first to get the little Red Tractor in 2007. RT assures customers of quality and integrity right from grass roots, through animal welfare to the finished item.

Half litre tubs in 10 sorts are available from independent retailers nationally also the impulse choice -125ml theatre tub.

Callestick-Logo-Red-On-White-Hi-ResFor catering customers, there is a range of flavours available in 5 litre Napoli’s and 4 litre tubs.

With the whole family involved there is a unity of purpose that centres on product excellence and also sustainability, this gem of a farm is in pristine condition and the Parkers intend to keep it that way. Small fields with wide margins and ancient Cornish hedges provide habitat for insects, small mammals and ground-nesting birds and the whole operation is geared to having the least possible impact on the environment.

Tel: 01872 573126


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