cadbury.jpgSafety conscious global packaging manufacturer AMCOR uses Caljan Rite-Hite’s Global Wheel-Lok vehicle restraint to ensure trucks remain firmly in place when being loaded or unloaded. This safety equipment firmly restrains the vehicle by locking the wheels, adapting to suit the particular wheel size. There is minimal risk of early departure or trailer creep.

Production Manager Tonny Nielsen is delighted with the equipment: “Some of the truck drivers are a little wary the first time they engage Global Wheel-Lok. Because the force of the vehicle itself is used to restrain it, a little more acceleration is required to leave the dock. More than one of our foreign truck drivers has tried to leave whilst the trailer is locked in place. Obviously, as the Global Wheel-Lok can resist a pull-out force of more than 14,500 kg, this is not possible. It has certainly given us the opportunity to thoroughly test the installation. I am impressed with the performance, and convinced that installing Global Wheel-Lok vehicle restraints will soon be part of AMCOR’s best practice.”

Major UK manufacturers and retailers prefer Global Wheel-Lok
Cadbury, the world’s largest confectionery manufacturer, has chosen to install Global Wheel-Lok vehicle restraints at their UK Distribution Centres. Although logistics is not their core business, it is an important factor when ensuring that customers receive timely deliveries. Many of the approximate 400 trucks in and out of the Distribution Centres each day are driven by foreign drivers, so avoiding untimely departure cannot depend on communication. With the Global Wheel-Lok, the truck is held tight against the dock until the lock has been released. Cadbury focus on three prime factors when selecting a supplier: quality, design and cost. Although Global Wheel-Lok from Caljan Rite-Hite was more expensive than the nearest competitor, the design and quality of the product were judged to be superior. As Paul Jobin, Project Manager, puts it “At Cadbury we will only use a supplier and a product we consider best in class.”

Global Wheel-Lok is installed at many UK distribution centres for food and beverage manufacturers including Tetley Tea, McVities, Masterfoods, Cost Co, Kerry Foods and Kelloggs. One of the UK’s largest retailers has recently placed an order for 58 Global Wheel-Loks, which will be installed at their distribution facility in Oxfordshire.

Increase employee welfare and reduce the risk of material damage
Perhaps stories of fork-lift truck drivers that drive over the edge of the dock are exaggerated. However, instances where the truck has left the dock with the forklift truck still on-board have been documented. Global Wheel-Lok is able to restrain virtually all truck types in Europe today, removing this risk. Wheel guides help ensure that the driver positions the truck on-centre. As the truck approaches the lock, the trigger device moves forward. The size of the tyre is automatically measured, and the steel locking arm is then automatically positioned so it comes to rest in front of the rearmost tyre. A clear traffic light communication system between the dock and the vehicle indicates when the vehicle is securely locked. Should the driver overlook this signal and try to leave the dock, the locking arm will hold the vehicle firmly in place, ensuring that the driver of the fork-lift truck can continue to work safely.

For further information please contact National Business Development Manager James Corfield on 07795 484567.

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