A new survey reveals that the nation’s budget supermarkets are now competing with the bigger grocery retailers on customer service, as well as price. Big supermarkets are becoming less able to rely on their superior customer experiences as drivers of footfall.

Graph1This follows recent news that the UK’s biggest supermarkets are losing market share to their budget counterparts.

To arrive at these conclusions, Nunwood surveyed 7500 actual customers, in October about their customer experiences and ranked brands on the results.

Aldi (20th place), Farm Foods (26th) and Lidl (53rd) have all made significant advances in the annual rankings, rising 15, 24 and 38 places respectively. This correlates to reported double-digit sales growth for Lidl and Aldi in the 12 weeks prior to September.

Below is a list of the top 11 grocery sector brands, detailing the current 2013 ranking, the 2012 rankings and the year on year changes:

The survey highlights that while Britain’s supermarkets remain amongst the elite in terms of experience delivery the growth of limited assortment discounters such as Aldi shows that they are beginning to offer much more besides price.

The survey also reveals that Aldi, who in September announced it had added more than £1billion in sales and over a million extra customers in the past year , delivers the best value for money in the grocery sector achieving an impressive 3rd place across the 250 brands measured in the study overall.

It’s joined by Farm Foods, Lidl and Iceland in the ‘value for money’ top 10. Below is the top ten brands ranked by ‘value’:

“Every brand in the top 100 is delivering a well-above average experience.  However, the budget supermarkets are becoming increasingly adept at setting customer expectations and slightly exceeding them.” explains  Nunwood’s retail customer experience expert Craig Ryder.

Graph2“Despite the early signs of economic recovery and improvementse in consumer spending, the larger supermarkets are increasingly threatened and will be looking over their shoulders at Aldi and Lidl. Consumers increasingly see them as providing both excellent customer experience and superior value for money.”

To find out more information please visit Nunwood’s Customer Experience Excellence Centre:


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